Andarine (S-4) – Read Before You Buy


Andarine or S-4 is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM).   It has been used by athletes over the past few years as a performance enhancing compound, used popularly by athletes of all walks of life.


Andarine was developed by GTX Inc 1)GTx, Inc is a pharmaceutical company and developer of drugs that utilize hormonal pathways. to treat muscle wasting, bone problems, and BPH 2)BPH is more commonly seen in older men, around 60% of men over age 60 and 80% of men over age 80 are suffering from this condition (enlarged prostate).  It is no longer in clinical trials.

Science of how it works

Andarine was actually shown to reduce prostate weight similar to 5a-reductase inhibitors like finasteride, however, Andarine didn’t come with the anti-androgen effects or negatively affect muscle mass and strength.   The reason it is good at this is that it actually competes for receptor targets which make it block DHT (dihydrotestosterone) in the prostate gland.   The beautiful part of all this is that it has partial agonist effects at the androgen receptors. Therefore, you don’t get the anti-androgen effects of a finasteride or dutasteride (both drugs are used by transvestites to look more feminine).

Other things it does

Andarine also selectively targets androgen receptors in the body without negative side effects.  This means you can expect an increase in lean muscle mass, reduction in fat, and increase in strength. It also helps strengthen bones and prevent catabolism or muscle wasting problems by actually building and repairing muscle.

Crossfit athletes particularly love Andarine because they are able to improve their athletic goals while avoiding negative side effects found in anabolic steroids.

Scenarios of use and How to stack

Since Andarine has been shown in studies to inhibit DHT in the body without hurting your gains in the process, it makes perfect sense that it would be a great addition to any steroid cycle where you are using Winstrol, Masteron, proviron, or any other DHT derivative compound. This scenario will help protect your head hair, reduce the chances of acne, and prevent enlarged prostate when using those harsh steroids.  Also, any testosterone based steroid will metabolize into DHT too at a 5% rate, so Andarine can help offset side effects with just about every anabolic steroid out there.

Triple Stack Protocol

sarms triple stack protocolThe most popular way guys will use Andarine is part of the very potent triple stack protocol.  This involves using Ostarine and Cardarine along with Andarine together.  You can expect tremendous gains in lean muscle, strength, and fat loss on this stack.

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Andarine Only Cycle

You can run Andarine alone.  It makes a fantastic recomposition drug when used in a caloric deficit because it will protect existing muscle by preventing catabolism while helping you burn more fat.

The Bridge Stack

buy Bridge Stack s4 lgd-4033More SARM protocols include the bridge stack which includes Andarine and LGD-4033.   The purpose of this is to allow yourself to recover in between steroid cycles while continuing to make lean gains and keeping the fat away.

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Cutting Stack

sarms cutting stack

The final way is my personal favorite and that is the very potent cutting stack of Andarine and GW-501516.   A male can go into a 500 calorie deficit while a female a 250 calorie deficit per day while using this stack.  They will experience tremendous fat loss ranging from 2% to 5% on 1 twelve week cycle.

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Side effects

Andarine has a glaring side effect which is vision issues.  This is due to its affinity to bind to receptors in the eyes.  A person may notice, especially at higher dosages, yellow tinting and issues when changing from lit to dark rooms and vice versa.  Luckily this issue will go away after 2-3 days after you stop using.

Real S-4 that is pure will not cause estrogenic, androgenic, or any sort of virilization. Andarine is slightly suppressive to the HPTA in males, so a light post cycle therapy is recommended.

What’s the best way to combat vision issues caused by S-4?

half life and detection times

The half-life of Andarine is around 6-8 hours, so a twice a day dosage is a good idea.  We think the detectable time is between 2-4 weeks, so if you are a tested athlete I would stop taking it a month in advance of a test.


There is a lot of misinformation on proper Andarine dosage. People are making it too complicated than it has to be.  For me, I had outstanding results on 50mg per day and I do not see any reason to exceed that dosage.   Females can use 12.5-25mgs per day.

Where to find

S-4 is widely faked in the form of capsules or pills.  It is important to remember that you cannot buy SARM’s in pill form legally over the counter.  The best way to find real and pure Andarine is by using the Sarm1 brand, which is available at

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1. GTx, Inc is a pharmaceutical company and developer of drugs that utilize hormonal pathways.
2. BPH is more commonly seen in older men, around 60% of men over age 60 and 80% of men over age 80 are suffering from this condition
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