Ostarine (MK-2866)


Ostabolic, also called MK-2866, Enobosarm, and Ostarine1)Ostarine (MK-2866), isarms.com, is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM).   The popularity of Ostabolic in recent years has been growing in the fitness community.  Like all SARMs, it works well for reversing muscle wasting diseases, and athletes will use it as a performance enhancing compound to aid them to reach their goals.


Anabolic is in clinical testing by GTX, Inc and was formerly under development by pharma giant Merck.  Abstracts in trials have shown that it affects bone and muscle, specifically the condition known as osteoporosis.  It also has shown promise for reversing muscle wasting (sarcopenia) in older patients and for (cachexia) muscle wasting in cancer patients.   Since it is still in clinical testing it can only be legally sold as a research chemical.

Science of how it works

If you have read our other SARM’s profiles you will understand how they work.  The concept is relatively simple where they bind to the AR (androgen receptor) selectively.  This means you get an anabolic response, without androgenic side effects.  Anabolic effects include bone and muscular selective activity.

Ostarine may be the best SARM of all for healing bone and joints because of its strong affinity to stimulate an anabolic response in the soft tissues and bone while strengthening the muscles around them.  This is similar to going to physical therapy where the goal is to strengthen muscle tissue around the joints, to make the joints stronger.

Other things it does

MK-2866 is great at increasing lean muscle mass, slow and keepable strength, and helping to recomp even in a caloric deficit. Just like anabolic steroids, it will increase protein synthesis.  GTX has conducted almost a dozen scientific trials with over 500 subjects which confirmed a boost in total lean muscle mass and an increase in muscle strength vs. placebo 2)GTx Announces Investigational Ostarine™ (MK-2866) Met the Primary Endpoint in the Phase II Cancer Cachexia Clinical Trial.

Topline results show that Ostarine treatment resulted in a statistically significant increase in lean body mass compared to placebo. Ostarine treatment resulted in clinically meaningful increases (greater than 1 kg) in lean body mass compared to baseline in both the Ostarine 1 mg and 3 mg treatment arms.

Scenarios of use and How to stack

Ostabolic has been shown to not be suppressive when used at 4 weeks or less, and at 25mg or less, per day in males.  This means you can actually add it to your post cycle therapy (PCT) to help you conserve hard-fought muscle and strength gains.   It can also be added during a bridge at the same dosages and durations.   This is a huge advantage that steroid users must take advantage of!

where to buy cardarine (gw-501516)Some users choose to use it solo, that is totally fine.  It can be run at 25-50mg per day for 8-12 weeks with excellent results in lean muscle and strength gains.   You can add Cardarine to it for added fat loss benefits.

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buy andarine s-4The most popular SARM’s stack includes Ostabolic and that is the triple stack.  It involves the addition of Andarine and Cardarine along with your Ostabolic to give you a very potent cycle with low side effects.

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Another great way to utilize Ostabolic is for joint and bone healing.  If you are fighting nagging injuries stack it with n2jointrx and nutrobal to speed up healing so you can get back into the gym and not miss time.   In my experience there is no way I would have been able to overcome my injuries without the help of Ostabolic, so it is a must to use to repair the body.


Recently some supplement companies have gotten into hot water for claiming to sell Ostabolic in pill form.  Those companies were taken to court and the judge threw out the case because he determined that the FDA has not yet made a clear statement on this compound 3)FDA Criminal Office Said to Be Examining Drug Ostarine in Dietary Supplements.  Since then many supplement companies have voluntarily stopped selling Ostabolic over the counter to avoid further lawsuits.

Side effects

Ostabolic users will experience little to no side effects.  When the compound is used at more than 25mg a day, or at greater than 4 weeks, than slight HPTA suppression may occur.  In that case, a mini-PCT is recommended.

half life and detection times

The half-life of Ostabolic is around 24 hours, so once a day dosage is fine.  The detectable times are not 100% reliable, but we think it is 2-4 weeks.  If you are a tested athlete I recommend stopping use 1 month before testing.

Dosage and how to take

buy ostabolicThe dosage of Ostarine should be 25-50mg per day in males and half that dosage in females.   It can run up to 12 weeks.  For males during pct or bridge, they should run it at 12.5-25mg per day for 4 weeks or less.

When using it in liquid form squirt into the back of the mouth and swallow, then chase down with juice or tea.

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Where to find

Ostabolic sold over the counter is typically laced with pro hormones. Therefore, athletes must be smart where they purchase from.  I recommend buying it in research chemical liquid form from a trusted approved supplier, the best brand being sarms1.

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