Stenabolic (SR9009)


Stenabolic, which is popularly referred to also as SR9009 1)Stenabolic (SR9009) –, is a research drug developed by the Scripps Research Institute.  It is known and sold as a SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator) but it is really an agonist of Rev-ErbA.  It has grown in popularity as a research chemical by athletes for its performance enhancing capabilities.

Science of how it works

To understand how it works in plain English, lets first take a look at what Rev-ErbA is, since Stenabolic is an agonist.  Rev-ErbA are proteins 2)Rev-ErbA – which are part of the nuclear receptor family of intracellular transcription factors.  We have alpha and beta receptors, with different genes encoded.   Rev-erbA is a huge part of the circadian clock, which is found in almost all living things and regulates daily environmental changes in the day-night cycle.   Speaking in terms of human athletes these circadian rhythms will influence the lipid and glucose mechanism.

In studies when the Rev-erbA was stimulated, mice exhibited increases in exercise capacity and an increase of mitochondria in the skeletal muscle.   This means an athlete is able to increase endurance when using Stenabolic.  You will notice when weight training you are able to push for longer and harder, and with cardio, you will be able to get into that 5th gear to without getting winded so fast.  This is why Crossfit athletes love this compound so much, as they are mostly trying to beat their previous times at their specific events.

In mice studies, they were able to increase their running speed by a 40% increment.  The reason for this is Stenabolic will push the dead mitochondria in the muscles out and add new ones.  This means greater muscle endurance, which translates into greater overall conditioning.

To put it simply Stenabolic is the ultimate ‘exercise in a bottle‘ without the negative side effects.

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Fat burning

We all want to burn fat, but many use harsh stimulants which strain our heart and raise our body temperature.  This actually will cause you to tire out quickly and feel like crap, while preventing you from being able to get quality sleep.

The good thing about Stenabolic is that it is in no way hormonal or a stimulant.  It will raise your metabolic rate over 5% even while resting, this means you burn off more calories.  In addition, remember above how I mentioned about the circadian clock?  Well Stenabolic will enhance the metabolic rate of glucose, forcing your body to burn off stored fat because it thinks it is being put through exercise, even if you are at your computer or watching tv!

Finally, Stenabolic has been shown to lower triglycerides, plasma insulin, and bad cholesterol by up to 40%.  This means it can be a weapon in fighting diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

Scenarios of use and How to stack

Stenabolic can be used solo for great results.   However, many users will enhance its ability by stacking it.

buy N2slinIf your goal is fat loss you can stack it with a fat blocker supplement such as N2slin.  Take the Stenabolic as directed below and use the N2slin before your largest meals of the day.  This will prevent fat gain and speed up fat loss.

Users of anabolic steroids will add Stenabolic to increase fat loss and offset losses in endurance.  This is especially useful if you run a harsh compound like trenbolone which destroys your cardio and breathing.

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Another way to stack it is with SARMs.  You can stack it will 1 or 2 other SARM’s such as S4, LGD, or Ostarine.   This stack will help increase lean muscle, burn fat, and increase endurance.

If your goals are simply endurance you can stack Stenabolic with Cardarine for the most potent endurance stack on earth. The beauty of this stack is that it is totally nonhormonal and stim-free.

Side effects

Real Stenabolic will not be accompanied by any such side effects like estrogen issues, androgen issues, heart strain, liver strain, etc.  It is nonsuppressive and nonhormonal.

half life

The half-life of Stenabolic is much shorter than its peer Cardarine.   Some users complain that they do not see results on it because they do not understand it has to be run differently.   The half-life of Stenabolic is only 4-5 hours.

Dosage and how to take

Stenabolic should be dosed 3X per day for proper results.  I recommend 10mg’s split AM/Noon/PM for 30mg’s total.  The dosage in females can be the same.

buy Stenabolic (SR9009)In the liquid form you want to squirt into the back of the mouth and swallow, then chase down with juice.

Where to buy

Stenabolic is extremely rare and you should only purchase this from a trusted source.  It should be purchased as a research chemical.  Sarms1 sells the purest Stenabolic you will find.

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